OEM Service


What is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and relates to products or components that have been produced or manufactured under a specified brand. 

A manufacturer can provide a complete range of products and then the purchaser is able to alter the label and model of the product, to make it uniquely theirs. However, the product, or its parts, are not changed in any way.

Bait Tackle Direct is an OEM and we are excited to help you manufacture products that will work for you. You can put your own unique branding onto our products to sell them to your customers.

Bring Your Designed Products To Life

We specialise in the manufacture of fishing gear, including hooks, lures, reels, rods, fishing accessories and any promotional items including branded bags, pens, gifts, and etc. 

The Customers We Service

We service two main groups of customers.

The first group is those who are starting up their own business and want their products to have their own branding across their entire range. We help this group by providing them with their own products which they can brand.

The second group we assist are those who are already an established business or brand but they are not happy with their current manufacturer due to either quality or cost. We supply these customers with alternative products, which are of a high quality, for them to sell to their customers.

Our Services

Bait Tackle Direct gives our customers links to global partners with OEM services. Because we are experts in the fishing industry, we can provide you with expert advice on everything related to fishing gear and accessory manufacturing.

We ensure all of our products are built in a highly controlled environment using the best new technology to ensure what we produce is to the highest of standards.

We provide our customers with a reliable service, meeting all our delivery deadlines while providing solutions to any of the manufacturing problems they may have previously faced.

How We Stand Out From The Rest

Bait Tackle Direct has more than a decade's experience in the manufacturing industry, crafting all types of terminal tackle. Through this experience, we have created a standout R&D team and built a well-equipped test centre to ensure all of our products are first rate.

We own two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in China and carry out all of our in-house workshop services, from moulding to packaging.

Our business is focused on our customers, which has brought us clients from around the world. And if you are an Australian customer, you can rest assured that our fishing tackles have been designed and manufactured specifically to suit the different fishing conditions of Australia.

Deal With Us Directly

If you are looking for a new manufacturer while also interested in cutting your costs and increasing your efficiency, get in touch with us. Focus on the important parts of your business and leave the manufacturing to us, knowing we will supply and deliver high-quality products on time, allowing your business to grow. We can assist you in shipping products to Australian customers and worldwide.

You are welcome to get in touch with us and organise a visit to our store in Melbourne, or one of our manufacturing sites in China.